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Areas of Expertise

Investment Management
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Our team is dedicated to guide and support our clients throughout the various phases of their project from set-up and implementation all the way through.
During the structuring phase, we can assist our clients in understanding the different options available in terms of eligible vehicles (such as AIF, SIF, SICAR, securitization vehicles) and choose the most appropriate for their needs.
In the implementation phase, we help our clients coordinate interactions with the various services providers and support them in drafting and commenting on the necessary documentation in a timely manner.
We not only accompany our clients in all the steps preceding the launching of their investment vehicle, but also offer assistance during the entire life cycle of their investment vehicle.


We provide a global solution to all our clients' corporate requirements.
We service all type of companies, with special focus on alternative asset managers (such as private equity and real estate houses).
Members of our team have experience in working on a full range of corporate transactions from small cap to blue chips deals.
We team up with other departments to provide our clients with a holistic approach, offering them support across multiple areas, from transactional work including banking and finance expertise to debt financing.

With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and our international coverage, we are able to deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients' projects.
We are with our clients in the analysis of their case and outline the best options for them to choose in terms of licences (support PFS, specialised PFS and investment firms), strategy or financing.
We have extensive experience in financial services where we advise on all aspects of regulatory matters.


Our team members began individually to be involved in ESG issues almost a decade ago. We developed our interest and involvement in ESG (especially through various associations as ALFI and Luxflag) to make our clients’ aware of it and guide them through the various aspects of ESG compliance (notably via our knowledge of the players, the labels and the support in defining an ESG strategy).

Our lawyers have been involved in a number of Luxembourg associations and panels which are and have been active in ESG over time. We believe that it is important for our clients to be ESG compliant and to ensure that they have an appropriated strategy in this area.


Fintech is a cutting-edge sector that is redefining finance and accelerating its development. It requires, however, adapted legal tools to enable its optimal implementation. It is in this spirit that we have developed a particular expertise in this area, now well-established and highlighted in 2020 by the Legal 500, which states that "The team has 'very good insight into new trends in the market', particularly as it relates to digital funds.".

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